… varied and radiant tone, and what transpires is a bright insight to develop the theme freely yet with authority.

Elle [la sonate] trouve ici, avec le piano dense, sculptural et brillant de Hiroaki Takenouchi, un ardent défenseur.

… souplesse et brio… empli de douceur et de noblesse

A successful recording through and through.

Superbly insightful, it is as if listening to an ideal rendition of the classical repertoire on the modern piano.

He is unfailingly convincing, his playing thoughtful, lyrical and spontaneous.

Takenouchi’s crisp and lightly articulated touch serves these minor masterpieces well, capturing their free spirited musings with much eloquence.

… ideally transmitted by Hiroaki Takenouchi: seemingly unaffected, and yet without compromise.

an impressive testimony to his sense of duty towards the works, his imagination, and his ability to shape and make the contexts audible.

It is difficult to imagine his piano concerto served better than it is here.

… a formidable Japanese pianist, Hiroaki Takenouchi who exudes class…

Performed with ardent advocacy and rare relish by the London-based Japanese pianist Hiroaki Takenouchi …

The performances are excellent. Takenouchi’s skill and, as important, his belief in the music makes him a convincing advocate.

impeccable in his pianism and unfailing in his idiomatic grasp.

… here’s a landmark release that will more than reward your curiosity.

I have … been very impressed with the sensitive way the two performers unite on this disc, and their collective spirit for addressing the knotty musical priorities.

Simon Callaghan and Hiroaki Takenouchi … play with such love, panache, and exact synchronisation.

What a wonderful pianist, who combines complete understanding of the style of music he is playing with a rare subtlety and brilliance of execution.


Takenouchi is just the sort of champion the newest of new music needs; I’ll be eager to hear him again.


Let me congratulate you on a recital of glowing intensity and stunning execution.


Virtuoso control of the instrument, tasteful touch and pedaling, extraordinary programming, intellectual analysis of the works along with the unpretentious interpretation…

Hiro – my Hero! Thank you for your pianistic art and responsibility.


Hiroaki Takenouchi delivers … with gracefully expressive economy.

Takenouchi clarifies all this superbly and with beautiful shadings. … The bravos are well-deserved.

The seeming ease of virtuosic technique which he unleashed on the piano, coupled with an impressive palette of colours and sonorities, was a joy to listen to.

… precision of detail and fidelity to the text, mesmerizing to say the least.

This is emphatically and unashamedly modern, at times dissonant and aggressively uncompromising playing of honest, crystalline music. … His sureness of touch and dramatically clear and clean insight are ideally suited to this music and to the world it inhabits.

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