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Takenouchi moves with ease through dizzying interweavings

Diapason, Bertrand Boissard

Protected: Sparklingly fresh playing … Takenouchi knows how to convince

Pizzicato, Pál Körtefa

I’ll retrospectively add it to my ‘best of year’ list, as it’s that good

The Arts Desk, Graham Rickson 

Superb control … sensitive attunement … consummate care


Outstanding performance … glorious workmanship

Record Geijutsu, Jiro Kusano

“Special Selection Disc”: superbly captivating

Record Geijutsu, Tsutomu Nasuda

Gorgeous work … sheer beauty

MusicWeb International, John France

A sonically- and dramaturgically-convincing, deeply-internalised interpretation

VAN Magazin, Wendelin Bitzan

A hugely enjoyable listen, played with infectious authority

The Arts Desk, Graham Rickson

Hiroaki Takenouchi does the piece proud

British Music Society, Michael Round

Unwavering conviction and … constantly expressive musicality

Myron Silberstein, Fanfare

Exhilarating playing here from pianist Hiroaki Takenouchi

The Guardian, Stephen Pritchard

Takenouchi handles this with bravura ease and a warm, refined sound

Crossed Eyed Pianist, Fran Wilson

Romantically affluent, poundingly sonorous and rich in pathos

MusicWeb International, Rob Barnett

Broad expressive capacity…..superb technical abilities

Record Geijutsu, Shinnosuke Nagai

Rich in tone and possessing an enviably secure technique – 5 Stars

Classical Ear, Andrew Achenbach

Brilliantly played by Takenouchi

End Notes – The Quarterly Review, Stuart Millson

Confidence, conviction and tremendous panache

Em Marshall-Luck, Albion Magazine

His playing is rich, dazzling and intelligently shaped

Sunday Times, Stephen Pettitt

Movingly Played

MusicWeb International, John France

He is unfailingly convincing, his playing thoughtful, lyrical and spontaneous

The Sunday Times, Stephen Pettitt

A convincing advocate

American Record Guide, Don O’Connor

Finely played

Gramophone, David Fanning

Gracefully expressive

BBC Music Magazine, Michael Church

Takenouchi will go far

MusicWeb International, Mark Sealey

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